Ole Skool

Shuttles & Party Bus

Trip must be booked by someone over 21


  • Cancellations: If trip is cancelled 2 weeks before departure, you are responsible for 50% of the charge. If canceled less than 2 weeks, you are responsible for 60% to 100%, depending on how close to the departure date.


  • A deposit of $150.00 is required to hold your departure date. The deposit will be held and must be a credit card. Deposit will go towards your final bill if no other charges are incurred during the trip.


  • Full payment or the balance must be given prior to the start of the trip. Payment can be Cash, Credit Card or PayPal. Payment must be given from 1 person instead of multiple will allow the trip start sooner.


  • Trip times will start when bus arrives at your location. Trip times will end once you arrive back at your drop off location.


  • Booking times/hours will be strictly enforced. Extra hours are available at a rate of $50.00 hr during the trip.


  • We are not responsible for items left on the bus during stops. In the event the driver leaves the bus, the bus will be locked and secured. All items of value are encouraged to be kept with the ownerThere is NO SMOKING ALLOWED on the bus at ANY TIMES. VIOLATIONS COULD RESULT IN BEING REMOVED FROM THE BUS.

  • NO ONE under the age of 21 is allowed to consume alcohol under the GA law. The driver or assistant will inspect the ID’s of those who appear to under 21 and under the influence of alcohol. Names will be documented of those found in violation for the safety of the company.


  • Unruly/Disorderly/Intoxicated persons will be removed from the bus if they cause a problem. Anyone in this condition posse a great threat to the safety of the driver and everyone on the bus. NO REFUND will be given if someone is removed from the bus.




  • Anyone involved in CRIME on the bus or off the bus will be removed from the bus. If police are involved, they will be allowed access to the bus and all people on board. If the entire group becomes unruly, the trip will be cancelled with NO REFUND given.


  • If there is damage to the bus, there will be charge starting at $50 and increasing to cover the cost of the damage.


  • If someone vomits will on the bus, there will be clean up fee of $30 charged. If Medical attention is required, Emergency services will be contacted and the bus will be stopped in a safe location to wait for assistance.


  • We are not responsible for any injuries obtained while on the bus. Riders are encouraged to remain seated while the bus is in motion to avoid falls and possible injuries. ALL drivers are trained in passenger transports and will drive with extreme care; however they CAN NOT predict the actions of the vehicles around them: meaning there may be sudden braking and or hard curving/turning.  There are safety bars on the ceiling to assist with balance. These bars are not intended to bare full weight as in someone swing from them. The dancing poll is intended for those who physically able to perform those tasks; there is a WEIGHT LIMIT of 200 lbs per the manufactory’s warning.   


  • Remember that ALCOHOL impairs the ability to function and causes delayed reactions. PLEASE use extreme care and caution while on the bus. Bus monitor(s) will help person(s) on/off the bus to avoid injuries.




  • Enjoy your trip and HAVE FUN!!!!!